Other Services

Verticality monitoring

The monitoring of walls on construction sites / dam walls, etc. is important to determine any movement over time.

Laser scanning is a perfect solution for this as repeat measurements can be computed very quickly over large sections.

Under Wharf Surveys

Under Wharf surveys to determine the location of old piles, etc. is straight forward with a laser scanner as the scanner will calculate the position of piles without the requirement to delve deep under the wharf. The laser scanner does not require any light to record a reading.


Laser scanning of stockpiles is quick, accurate and efficient way of obtaining volumetric details of stockpiles.

Laser Scanning Pty Ltd measures between stockpile changes to determine volumes of earth that has been moved.

Neighbourhood Character

The location of doors, windows, building heights, etc. can be quickly achieved with the use of our laser scanner that quickly provides details for use in gaining council permits for new developments.

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