Revit Models (BIM)


Building Information Modelling is fast becoming the standard tool used by Architects to plan, design and construct projects.

Point Cloud Datasets


Point Clouds are the raw product of the laser scanning process and are made up of many 3d points that represent the physical shape of the objects surveyed.

CAD Models


3d CAD models are the end result of the scanning and modelling process whereby the elements of interest from the point cloud are represented by geometric CAD objects.

Façade Detailing


2d elevations of building facades and creation of 3d mesh surfaces.

Modelling of Services


Creation of CAD models showing individual services in plant and equipment areas.

Heritage Building


High definition scanning provides incredible detail of the most ornate features of heritage buildings.

Road and Railway Infrastructure


For recording infrastructure elements that would otherwise be inaccessible without traffic management or access equipment.

Topographic Surveys


Standard feature and level surveys can be done fast and efficiently with a high level of detail using laser scanning.

Asbuilts of Engineering Services


Structural as-builts on construction sites can quickly and easily be surveyed, from slab level as-builts through to complex steel structures.
Other Services 

Other Services


From verticality monitoring to under wharf surveys, laser scanning can be utilised wherever a fast, efficient and mass recording of information is required.